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Audit System

AS Module

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With the QMSpot audit system you can simplify and standardize all processes in your company, before and after an audit.
All open issues and deficiencies found during the audit are directly transferred as a task by our intelligent linking to the QMSpot CS module, where they can be processed as a checklist by the responsible persons. This makes it possible to digitally record and document all of your business processes and to continuously optimize them based on the data obtained.
Our AS module serves you as a multifunctional tool for statistics, reports and evaluations.
Determine the test criteria within your audit, store work instructions as well as procedural instructions and define CCP’s (Critical Checkpoints). Use saved templates or use the data from the previous audit as the basis for the current version. Compare data from different sites, categories and time periods in an instant.




Create audits with diverse audit criteria and weightings.



Use self-created templates for consistent audits, risk assessments, hazard analyses or inspections.

Data transfer

Perform follow-up audits and compare your input with the data from the last audit.


Define critical check points and receive a warning immediately in case of deviations.

Crisis management

At the push of a button, create a new task directly from accumulated warnings and defects.



Store work instructions and procedural instructions for your employees.


Create industry-independent risk analyses, hazard assessments, safety audits, inspections, etc.



Define when what needs to be done. Recurring tasks are created automatically.



Receive manual or automated daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports.


Export your data at any time as a PDF file for printing or sending by mail.

Temporary storage

Interrupt your work at any time and resume it at your convenience.


In case you get disconnected from the Internet, just continue working offline. The data will be synchronized automatically later.


Save time

Avoid wasting time and minimize your post-processing efforts to zero.

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