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QMSpot’s Device Monitoring makes sure that all relevant data related to your devices are permanently recorded and well documented.
Whenever a critical situation arises, you will receive instant notification and can act without wasting time.


regardless of whether the device in question is a dishwasher, a refrigerator, a freezer, an oven, a deep fryer, a steamer, a bain-marie or a fully automatic coffee machine.
Our DM module enables you to monitor your equipment seamlessly while always maintaining full control. Is there any maintenance, repair or other servicing work to be done? No worries; pending checks are automatically transferred to the CS module on request and assigned to the responsible employee as a task to be processed.
In the event of a malfunction, all responsible employees are automatically informed. You can also program the system to immediately inform the appropriate service technician from the respective manufacturer. The data of your devices are archived in a bundle, so that you can view a report at time periods you yourself have selected, and that at the simple push of a button. The report summarizes all important information compactly for you.
On request, we can feed further, specific device information from a wide range of manufacturers into QMSpot. This is done through our existing API interface.
For example, your SMEG dishwasher can provide you with additional information about the existing load and the temperatures it is washing at. The kind of data that can be emitted depends on the device and the manufacturer.



Technical failures

Record and document all technical failures of your devices in operation.


Set maintenance or servicing schedules and you will be reminded of the due dates.

Low downtime

Reduce your response and downtime periods by automatically sending pre-set e-mails to inform external service technicians about acute malfunctions or maintenance appointments.

Reduce costs

Through the complete monitoring and regular maintenance of your equipment, you permanently reduce the costs for repairs and failures.

Cost overview

With the DM module you can always keep an eye on the costs for repairs, maintenance & servicing.

Warranty periods

Keep an eye on the expiration and deadlines of your warranty periods.


Operating times

Record and document the operating times of your devices at different locations.


Make it easy for yourself and your employees by providing the appropriate operating instructions and manuals at the push of a button.

API interface

Connect your devices with our API interface to automatically and permanently retrieve all available data from the manufacturer. (Available data are manufacturer dependent)


Simply link your devices to maintenance lists from the CS module so you can control the recording of defects or faults and issue assignments centrally from one point.

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