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Management module

MY Module

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 QMSpot - Management Module

The control center – the heart of your QMSpot
With the MY module (Management module) you can manage all important information such as reported errors, location data, contacts, contact persons, administrators, users and your emergency management. You can release and share operational documents system-wide with the help of the central document management. This gives you access to all your data at any time and from anywhere. The selective task distribution allows you to assign tasks to individual users or entire groups and to schedule them.

All data from your modules converge centrally at one spot
Sit back. Thanks to the MY module, you’re always in full control. Anytime and anywhere.


Management with a difference: simple and effective!



Selective task distribution allows you to assign tasks to individual users or entire groups and to schedule them.



Share operational documents such as videos, work instructions, cleaning schedules, etc. across the system.



Whether automatically generated by the system or entered by employees, all defects are assigned to the responsible persons and you can keep track of all actions until the problem is solved.


Manage your master data – location data, emergency contacts, contact persons, administrators and users.



Set individually how, and about which events you want to be notified within the system and/or by mail.



Give your controller access to existing reports at any time, even when you are out of office. Using the “control button”, each of your employees can grant access to the controller and you will also be informed regardless of where you are.


Make the system available to your employees in their local language.


Even in the event of reception problems, you can complete your tasks offline with our app. Your data will be automatically synchronized later.

Light and Dark Design

In your QMSpot you are the master of light and shadow. Just choose your preferred design.


Use our internal QR codes to display things like device data, measuring points or due tasks without delay.


Across modules

The cross-module communication allows you to transfer tasks. For example, if there is an incident in the DM module, a checklist task is automatically created in the CS module.


Individual modules can be added within the system and modules that are no longer required can be cancelled at any time.


All data from your modules converge centrally at one spot.


Use all advantages of the MY module permanently, completely free of charge.

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