We can do much more than just software!

What started as a small software workshop has evolved over the years into a ‘worry-free’ service provider for our partners, thanks to our dedication to our product QMSpot.

As QM Software GmbH, we now support a large customer base in various IT areas, all thanks to the strong performance of our IT and support teams. There’s definitely something for you in there!

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QMSpot – Onboarding

You are not alone! HACCP-compliant hygiene and quality management can be complex and challenging. Especially at the beginning, there are often many questions that need answers. Our experts are here to support you, assist with the individual setup of QMSpot, and answer all your questions.

QMSpot – Managed Service

Worry-free! Don’t have time to constantly react to location-specific or regulatory changes? No problem. We are happy to take care of the ongoing maintenance of QMSpot and all necessary adjustments in your system for you.

Hygiene training

Follow-up instructions according to the Infection Protection Act (IFSG) or hygiene training according to DIN 10514 are important but often not enough. How about a full-day training session with the motto ‘Back to the Roots,’ covering all relevant legal requirements for handling food? Reusable packaging mandates, plastic bans, traceability of consumer goods, product recalls, or the requirement for a bioindicator test are just a few examples of our range of training topics.

HACCP concepts

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ hygiene concept. The creation of an individual HACCP concept involves the systematic analysis of your processes to identify potential hazards and develop control measures to ensure food safety. Our concept includes the definition of critical control points, the monitoring of these points, and the establishment of procedures to mitigate risks. All digital, all in one place. From the requirements of the professional association to the disposal of food. Our motto for this: A hygiene concept is only practical when EVERYONE in a company understands what it’s all about.

Cloud managed IT

Our cloud-managed IT services provide efficient management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure through cloud-based platforms. With real-time monitoring, automated updates, and proactive issue resolution, we ensure a reliable and secure IT environment for your company.

Office 365 / Sharepoint

Our Office 365 and SharePoint solutions provide comprehensive tools and platforms to enhance collaboration, communication, and productivity in your company. With cloud-based applications, document management, and collaborative features, we enable efficient work and seamless information exchange in a secure environment.

Network, Wi-Fi, and IoT solutions

Our network, Wi-Fi, and IoT solutions provide tailored, high-performance infrastructures for your digital needs. We design, implement, and manage state-of-the-art network solutions that enable fast wireless connectivity and the integration of IoT devices to keep your business optimally connected and future-proof.

Exchange Online / Azure Apps

Our Exchange Online and Azure Apps solutions offer top-notch email communication and application deployment in the cloud. With Exchange Online, you get secure and efficient email communication, while Azure Apps support scalability and flexibility for application development and deployment in your company.

IT consulting

Our IT consulting service provides in-depth expertise and guidance to optimize your IT strategy. We work closely with you to develop customized solutions that meet your technological requirements and promote digital innovation within your company.

Communication solutions

Utilize the experience and expertise of our experts. We accompany you and your communication solution from implementation to ongoing support, ensuring the availability and security of your communication across all applications. Communication matters to us!

Hardware rental & sales

Our hardware rental & sales service offers customized solutions for equipping and maintaining your corporate hardware. With flexible rental options and high-quality hardware available for purchase, we ensure that your IT infrastructure is always up-to-date, ensuring smooth business processes.

site connectivity

We provide a reliable and secure connection between various locations of your company. With high-performance network solutions and encryption technologies, we ensure that your branches can communicate seamlessly, enabling highly efficient business processes and security.

Device management

Do you have tablets, notebooks, workstations, and servers that need to be regularly checked for system and software updates, protected by competent virus protection, and monitored for integrity 24/7 through our monitoring system? Then our ‘Device management’ is the right solution for you.