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We also offer company-wide solutions, managed service, hardware leasing, API interfaces, etc.

Unlimited users
Unlimited locations
All modules available
Access to client webcasts
Customized onboarding
max. number of users 100 Unlimited
max. number of locations Unlimited Unlimited
User administration
Rights and roles managementGrant individual users or entire user groups individual rights in the system.
File managementUnlock and share operational files such as videos, task instructions, cleaning schedules, etc. system-wide. max.5 GB Unlimited
Task managementAssign tasks to individual users or entire user groups and schedule them.
Deficiency managementWhether automatically generated by the system or entered by employees, all defects are assigned to the responsible persons and you can keep track of all steps until the problem is solved.
ReportsWhenever a checklist has been completed, you can export a report as a PDF file at the push of a button.
NotificationsProgram individually, how and about which events you want to be notified.
CategoriesFor a better overview and evaluation of your data, you can assign your own categories in many places in the system.
QR CodesGenerate and use QR codes to display, for example, device data, measuring points or pending tasks without resorting to scanning.
Light & Dark DesignChoose whether you want to use a light or dark (high contrast) system design.
Control accessAdd a Tooltip Text
BrandingUse your own company colors and logo in the system.
Languages = optional serviceMake the system available to your employees in their native languages.
Available modules
MY - Module
Management module
CS - Modul
= optional service
AS - Modul
= optional service
ST - Modul
Sensor Technology
= optional service
DM - Modul
Device Monitoring
= optional service
TA - Modul
Training Administration
= optional service
Service Options
Bronze SupportSupport Email + Chat
RT 48h 5x7 (weekdays 9am -4pm)
including updates und upgrades
Silver Support = optional service Support Email + Chat + Telephone
RT 24h 5x7 (weekdays 9am -4pm)
Training webcast free of cost
including updates und upgrades
prioritized support
Gold Support = optional serviceindividual support via Email + Telephone
prioritized support
RT 4h 5x7 (weekdays 9am-4pm)
including updates and upgrades
your personal attendant
support when changing your configuration
prioritized Feature Request
Free Webcasts
Provision of a ticketing system
Fixed dates for online meetings
Program development as requested
Advanced management function provider
ongoing project management
ongoing hygiene management/updates
Provision of remote support
Basic onboarding = optional serviceIntroduction to QMSpot online.
30 - 45 min. scheduled online meeting. One-time fee 50,00 €.
Currently free of charge!
PRO Onboarding = optional serviceCustomized introduction, configuration support, QMSpot training online or on site (travel expenses extra)
Costs estimated after talking to you.
Managed Service = optional serviceSilver Support Email + Telephone
fortlaufende Pflege des Systems
Continuous maintenance of the system
Continuous patch management
Basic setup not included
Service only after basic setup
Mobile Device Management = optional serviceDevice management
Patch management
Exchange Service
Device and software support
Offered only in connection with device rental
Audit as a Service = optional serviceannual auditing of one location
based on questionnaire and final report
without prior notice
Travel expenses extra
Hygiene concept MSP = optional servicePreparation of a hygiene concept according to legal requirements, Valid at least 12 months
On request only, Daily fees
Hygiene consulting MSP = optional serviceUp to 2 hours of monthly consultation with one of our hygiene consultants to continuously adapt and improve your hygiene concept.
IT MSP = optional serviceUp to 2 hours of monthly advice from one of our technical consultants to continuously adapt and improve your gastronomy IT concept.
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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Do I automatically become a subscriber when I only test the PRO plan?

No, you simply test your configured QMSpot for 30 days, after which you alone will decide whether and how to continue with QMSpot. Towards the end of your trial period, a sales representative will contact you to discuss how you may wish to proceed.

Can I cancel my PRO plan at any time?

Yes, of course you can cancel at any time. The deadlines to be observed are:

  • for a monthly subscription at the end of the month
  • for an annual subscription at the end of the year
Can I use QMSpot in the browser, even without an app?

Yes, of course you can also use QMSpot as a WebApp in the browser. As with our apps, we recommend that you always make sure you have an up-to-date operating system and browser.

Can I add and delete users as I need?

You can upgrade and downgrade the number of users in QMSpot at any time within the bookable user quotas.

How are the users billed?

The number of users billed depends on the user quota you have booked within the billing period.


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