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ST Module

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Monitoring and automatic documentation of all critical sensor data, thanks to the QMSpot sensor ST module.
With the QMSpot sensor module, you can collect a wide variety of sensor data and measuring points from different production facilities in your company.


Whether temperatures, levels, humidity, CO2 values of rooms, refrigerators, cold stores, dishwashers, counters or other IoT devices, with our ST module everything is under your control.
The sensor technology and data acquisition can be done by different solutions: by permanent and automatic monitoring with G5 IoT sensors, W-Lan sensors and/or Bluetooth beacons, by manual acquisition of single measuring points with a combination device of infrared and prick thermometer or by process measurements for the acquisition of several measuring data at different points of time within a production process.


We have the technical support your company needs and, of course, we can also supply you with the right hardware on request.
Our sales staff will happily work with you to find the best solution for your company, put together the right hardware packages and make you a favorable leasing or purchase offer.



Protect yourself effectively from expensive product failures with sensor technology and always keep an eye on critical temperatures.


With our API interface integration, we are able to transfer data from a wide range of device manufacturers.


Permanent and automatic monitoring of your critical data with G5 IoT sensors, wifi sensors and/or Bluetooth beacons.


Precise control of the regular, manual acquisition of measuring points or process measurements with an infrared and prick thermometer.


You can easily define various parameters for each measuring point: tolerance and limit values, measuring time, activity period, etc.



In case of limit deviations or tolerance value deviations, you can optionally be warned immediately by system warning and through e-mail.



All your measurement data are automatically documented and archived, and are available to you for checks or evaluations.



Retrofit your old devices with our wifi sensors, IoT sensors and beacons. We will gladly supply you with the appropriate hardware.



You can expand your ST module at any time with additional sensors, beacons, measuring points or other devices.

Measuring accuracy

The sensors recommended by us have the protection class IP67, a measuring range of -40°C … +70°C or -200°C … +200°C, with a measuring accuracy of up to ±0, 10°C, max. ±0, 15°C.


On request, we can supply a traceable 3-point temperature calibration for our sensors, including an individual calibration certificate.

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